Packing, again – Germany

Well, I am pretty proud of myself. As I posted regarding our trip to Switzerland, I went with my large pack and a hand-bag combo. Now, my pack is comfortable once on. But getting it on? Difficult. Carrying it by the handle for the short distances it is not worth putting it on? Difficult. Finding room for it when waiting in a cafe? Difficult. So this time I am going with a small suitcase on wheels and backpack.

To give you some idea of size, the black hard case suitcase fits within the regulations for take-on cabin baggage on an international flight. So not very big.

Now, I am feeling proud of myself for getting our luggage down to such a small amount. Especially when you consider that unlike our trip to Switzerland (which was for roughly the same period of time) I am packing a laptop. So what is different?

  • Switzerland was a bit of a trial run. There were things I packed that I really didn’t need. So I have streamlined the packing list.
  • For the Switzerland trip, I didn’t really know if and when I would have access to laundry facilities. This time I do. Trust me, it makes a big difference, especially when travelling with a six year old.
  • There is one cheat – we don’t pack our hats, we wear them. Now, a hat might not be a priority for you, but for Willem and I, a hat is pretty close to a necessity. While most of our hats can handle the odd bit of squashing, they are not really ‘packable’ without lots of padding and/or a hat box. So we just wear them when travelling around.

These are the hats for this trip. Unless Willem changes his mind at the last minute, which is possible. But there will be hats.

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